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Join our golden community full of AUS/NZ teachers!

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Hello, you’ve made it!! 

This is your red carpet. This is your rainbow shaped welcome mat at the doors of the Wine with Teacher Club. A private place on the internet just for teachers - where we can feel seen, heard, and supported. There are hundreds of us already inside who are receiving weekly reminders, resources and research.

Important Disclaimer: This wellbeing club is not a quick fix. It is a community that offers comfort, tools, and strategies to support an individual's progress. You deserve to be supported by good leadership and positive school culture.


Start now by saying this to yourself.

"This year I’ll make my wellbeing a priority."

"This term I’ll give myself permission to rest."

"This weekend I’ll recharge my battery."

Fact: Teachers need more advocates.

We push ourselves harder and harder to meet workload expectations and deadlines. There aren’t enough people reminding us that rest is productive and that we should not be sacrificing our wellbeing.

This supportive virtual teaching community is where you can connect, learn, share, and grow using the simple wellbeing framework. Try out the recommended strategies and take action to strengthen your boundaries, priorities, and habits

This community is full of marigolds.

So, what value do you get for your investment into this wellbeing club?

  • Post questions, vent openly and connect with teachers from AUS/NZ
  • Build your school, classroom, or personal wellbeing wall with resources
  • Search through all previous posts using the *topic search bar*
  • Explore topics such as 'How to Fill Your Cup' and 'Routines and Rituals'
  • Connect with other teachers in your subject, grade level, or teaching role
  • Tag posts with 'Ask for Help', 'Look for Support', and 'Wine or Whine'
  • Share recommendations around books, podcasts, tv, exercise, and food
  • Attend or watch the event replays from LIVE social calls, workshops, Q&A
  • Hold yourself accountable with shares, celebrations, and intentions
  • Meet podcast host, magazine editor, and content creator, Ceri Sandford


You can access the Wine with Teacher Club on your desktop or your phone.
You can adjust it to suit your needs by following teachers whose content you love. You can consume as much or as little of it as you would prefer.


Imagine looking back in twelve months to reflect on your achievements. 

Imagine having a personal teaching advocate who genuinely cares about your progress. 

Imagine meeting a club full of like-minded teachers who excitedly celebrate your wins.

The club is guiding you towards staying mindful of your wellbeing and thriving together as a community. It’s here for you as long as you want or need! Access ongoing support and ongoing connections. It’s always changing and evolving.

This club is special.

Still not sure? Find out what teachers in the club are saying after six months. Come and chat inside the NOT-SO-SUPER-SECRET LAUNCH LOUNGE and let's figure it out together! The goal is #progressoverperfection.

Seriously, join the email waitlist by clicking on this dang link.

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